Monitoring and evaluation

Governments can use predefined performance targets to determine the efficacy of its contact tracing program. These metrics can be used in tandem with broader metrics tracking cases and mortality rate to consider loosening and tightening social restrictions.

Example metrics and targets for contact tracing

Possible criteria to loosen restrictions

Possible criteria to tighten restrictions

Other performance metrics

      • 100% of cases interviewed for contact elicitation/ identification

      • Contacts elicited for at least 90% of cases

      • 100% of symptomatic contacts and others with symptoms undergo testing within 12 hours of identification of symptoms

      • Cannot elicit contacts for 20% or more of cases

      • 10% or more of symptomatic contacts fail to get tested or are tested in more than 24 hours of symptom onset

      • % of cases with complete contact information

      • % of cases reached by case investigator within 12 hours of positive lab result

      • % of cases providing at least one contact to investigator

      • % of contacts with complete contact information

      • % of contacts reached by contact tracer within 24 hours of elicitation

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